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Art & design cannot be separated.


I am someone who is genuinely uncomfortable writing his own bio. But let's give it a fudging try: I am a travelknit fourpiece of a person. Adaptable in any situation: Dressed up for the serious nature of a business meeting or just relaxed in slacks in a hatchback Cadillac. A goddess on paper who can channel god with a pen. You will find this mass of oxygen and calcium known as Josiah will breathe a vibrant new life into your silicon. A visual architecture of insecurity and uneasiness masked by a window dressing of voracious repeated attempts to create and design and create and design. All things will be made right by the working with one energetic Priest of Pattern, Josiah Hazel.



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Software Skills


Dreamweaver ★★★★
Illustrator ★★★★★
Indesign ★★★★★
Photoshop ★★★★★
Lightroom ★★★
Premiere Pro ★★★★
Excel ★★★
Powerpoint ★★★★★
Final Cut Pro ★★★
Logic Pro X ★★★★★
Wordpress ★★★★
Maya ★★★



Important Skills


Adaptability ★★★★★
Animation ★★★★★
Communication ★★★★★
Copywriting ★★★★
Curiosity ★★★★★
Making Lists ★★★★★★
Self-motivation ★★★★★
Videography ★★★
Charisma ★★★★
Dexterity ★★★★★
Strength ★★★
Constitution ★★★★★