Good design is useful, simple & for the people.

An ominous stare into your soul.

An ominous stare into your soul.


Josiah Hazel

I started learning Photoshop and Illustrator on a borrowed copy of CS3 in 2009. I'd hide in my room and would spend days creating awful album art for my friends. But day by day I improved my senses and abilities; I began to voraciously repeat attempts to create and design and create and design.

I've worked as a marketer for a steel engineering company. I've done contract work for startups and created brochures for large companies. If I don't know how to do something yet, I will soon.

I approach every design project—no matter the medium—in search of a way to simplify. A way to cut through the confusion. A way to bring the project to as many people as possible. Projects that resonate all start with a bare and honest examination.

Through small changes, we can live a prettier, clearer and more openhearted life. I create to make a better world for everyone who comes into contact with my work.




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